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Lunch and Learn with Local Realtors

A group watched Ƶ High School perform Little Shop of HorrorsWhen families are looking to buy a home in the Eagle Mountain-Ƶ area, local realtors are now better equipped to inform them about EMS Ƶ schools. 

EMS Ƶ held a Lunch and Learn for local realtors on November 15 in the district’s Discovery Lab Learning Center. Over 80 local realtors received information about EMS Ƶ from Dr. Jim F. Chadwell, EMS Ƶ Superintendent, and learned about current and future residential development plans around the Eagle Mountain-Ƶ area from Bob Templeton of Zonda Education. 

Templeton told the group Eagle Mountain-Ƶ Ƶ has the sixth most annual home closing in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it appears the growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. EMS Ƶ has close to 4,000 lots in development, the most in the entire DFW region. 

Interspersed throughout the event were student performances, including a choir performance from Eagle Mountain Elementary School A group of students in costumesstudents, scenes from the upcoming and a holiday-themed dance performance by the Chisholm Trail High School Charmers

The group also received a tour of the district’s unique Discovery Lab Learning Center. Located at the administration building, the center features two large science labs, and opens up to more than 30 acres of North Texas prairie, riparian woodlands, Marine Creek and Marine Creek Lake. Students from all EMS Ƶ schools use the center for hands-on science learning, discovery and experimentation. 

“The program assembled today was nothing short of amazing,” said Robert Sims, a realtor in attendance. 

A group of dances in holiday yellow Christmas dressesThe purpose of the event is to give realtors firsthand knowledge of EMS Ƶ schools that they can share with families moving into the area. New this year, to help the group continue to stay connected with EMS Ƶ, all in attendance a Realtor Pass that allows the holder free entrance into all district fine arts and athletic events,. 

Realtors who were not able to attend the event but would like to be a part of the EMS Ƶ Realtor Network to receive information and updates from the district can email