• Eagle Mountain-Ƶ Ƶ Substitute Information

     Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher for Eagle Mountain-Ƶ Ƶ.

    All substitute applicants follow the hiring process outlined below:

    1. Substitute Application - Applications are submitted through the

    2. Candidate Review - The submitted application and credentials are reviewed to ensure the applicant is a qualified candidate.  

    3. Fingerprinting and Background Check - In compliance with Senate Bill 9, substitute candidates are required to submit to background check and fingerprinting. The cost of fingerprinting is $48.25 and is the candidate’s responsibility. This is a one-time fee and processing that is valid for any Texas school district. The Human Resources department will contact you with further instructions regarding your fingerprinting.

    4. In-Person Substitute Training - All new substitutes to the district must attend one training session. Please to choose a training day and time. EMS Ƶ Retired Teachers are exempt.

    5. Substitute Compliance Bundle - Substitute candidates will be emailed the Compliance Bundle to complete before being officially hired. 

    6. Processing - Once in-person training and compliance bundle is complete, candidate is notified by email to complete employment documents via our secure online portal, Laserfiche. College transcripts will be required to submit for the “60 Hours of College Credit” pay tier. High school diploma/GED will also be required to submit for the “High School Diploma” pay tier.

    7. Assignment - Candidate is notified via email of approval and begins accepting assignments in the Absence Management system.

    8. Substitute Payroll Schedule -  Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule 2023-2024 Substitutes

    9.  Fingerprint Reimbursement (Starting Aug. 2023) - After working as a substitute at EMS-Ƶ for 10 days, you can be reimbursed the cost of your fingerprinting. The will need to be completed and submitted along with an uploaded original receipt. 

    Please note that you will need to log in with your district email account.  If you have not set this up yet, please look back at the email you received regarding “Important Ƶ Access” to find the instructions and set it up while on a campus.