• About Ƶ AFJROTC (TX-20105)

    Ƶ AFJROTC offers a one to four-year elective course of study designed to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”  This program uses traditional classroom instruction along with military-style training techniques to help students (referred to as “cadets”) grow in the areas of personal responsibility, self-discipline, and leadership.  Although students do not incur a military service commitment for taking JROTC, they can earn early promotions if they enlist after graduation.

    Although the AFJROTC program is hosted by Ƶ, students from all Eagle Mountain-Ƶ high schools can participate in the program.  These cadets are bused daily during the school day.

    One of the more unique aspects of the program is uniform wear.  Cadets of all grades are required to wear AFJROTC uniforms once a week conforming to Air Force grooming standards (haircuts, shave, and cosmetics).  Our course of study teaches cadets about Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, and wellness each semester and each week.  Aerospace Science (AS) subjects include history of flight, exploring space, and global cultural studies.  Leadership Education (LE) focuses on building better citizens through lessons on Air Force traditions and customs, drill and ceremony (marching), and life/career skills.  The wellness component of each semester consists of weekly physical training (PT) which is designed to motivate cadets to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.  Students enrolled in JROTC 1 receive physical education substitution credit.
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  • AFJROTC Class Schedule


    1 Conference - Instructor Conference Period

    2 Alpha Flight - Chisholm Trail (bused to Ƶ):  1st-4th year cadets

    3 Bravo Flight - Boswell (bused to Ƶ):  1st-4th year cadets

    4 Charlie Flight -  Chisholm Trail:  1st-4th year cadets

    5 Lunch - Instructor Lunch

    6 Delta Flight - Ƶ:  1st-3rd year cadets

    7 Echo Flight - Ƶ:  1st-3rd year cadets

    8 Foxtrot Flight - Ƶ/Bos/CT 3rd-4th year cadets